Her Winter Wolf: Winter Wolf

by Jamie Bridges

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Rebecca is woman set on doing her own thing. Her family has a house that's been passed down throughout generations, and she's content with living in it. She's got a nice thing going with a news agency, and is quite comfortable.

When December rolls around, a freak winter storm hits her home in Georgia. She's content with reading her books, and making her puzzles. Though five gorgeous men banging away at her door in the zero foot visibility changes everything.

They introduce themselves, and she quickly finds all her most wild fantasies coming true. The five men have a hairy past, and even hotter blood running through their veins. After only a day, she's hard pressed to ignore their advances. Or the adventure they promise her, should she agree to their mating ritual.

What starts off as hot sex, squeezed between four bodies, she learns the real, startling truth. She's been chosen as their mate, and they want her; all of her, to themselves. They'll do whatever it takes to make that come true.