The Last Dragon

by Maya King

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Since childhood, Sophia Parker has been on the search for dragons. Some say they no longer exist, while most would argue they never existed at all, but as a researcher at Lancaster University, Sophia has spent eight years tracking down the facts and the legends. Now, her hard work has finally paid off - she's found the tiny island in the middle of the ocean where the last dragon on earth has exiled himself away from human civilization.

Upon meeting Calaedriel in his magnificent human form, Sophia finds herself in a storm of emotions. She knows she must treat the dragon as a subject of research, and if she doesn't return to her university with significant findings, she could lose any chance at her dream career - and get lost under the pile of debt she's collected pursuing it. However, spending time with Cal reawakens within her a childhood reverence for dragons, as well as some adult desires for the beautiful creature.

With little time to spare, Sophia must learn as much as she can about Calaedriel's heartbreaking path to self-exile while also discovering who she truly wishes to be as a person - a dragon researcher or a dragon protector.