Public Pleasures: Naughty Night-Reading Collection #2

by Godiva Glenn

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Public Pleasures is the second collection of Naughty Night-Reading erotic short stories.

Truth or Dare
* Ksenia's vacation to Vegas starts off with the worst string of text messages ever. Dumped and confused, she relies on her cousin to lift her spirits. And lifted is exactly what she gets - Max picks her up and carries her off as a prize. Was she wrong to say "dare?"

Adventures Outdoors - Guys & Tents
* Michelle's camping trip turns into the wet dream she never had, all thanks to the appearance of a city-boy named Bryce. He's hot, he's sweet, but something mischievous lurks in his eyes. Michelle aims to find out his secrets, but when she learns them, can she handle dark side? She's used to controlling the situation, but she's met her match. He turns the tables on her, leaving her begging for more.

Flings Between Friends
* Theresa and Ryan have been best-friends since middle school, but last summer they had a crazy moment that turned them into friends-with-benefits. They've continued their naughty fun, sneaking secret sex on a regular basis, but Tess isn't sure she can keep things up. She might want more from Ryan, and that's not part of the deal. A party with their friends brings new information to light, and soon Tess is caught in a lusty whirlwind. What exactly is Ryan offering? And why does she get wet just from his pout?