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Make Me Forget

Ann Somuoy

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The world was never the same once the Other Kind revealed themselves to the public. All of a sudden all the fairy tales, the legends, were true. Fey, werewolves, and all magical creatures in-between are real. But the ones that really intrigue me are of the immortal dead kind: vampires.

There is something that draws me to them. Dark, mysterious, sexy... dangerous. Ever since I was dumped I wanted to live a little, get out of my comfort zone, and I finally found the perfect way to do it. But I may have gotten in way over my head.

Caiden is all of the above and more, and for some reason he has set his sights on me. He says he'll help me forget my boyfriend, forget the hum-drum of my life, make me feel alive. Everything that I want at the moment. But I am a mouse wandering into the lion's den. Am I really ready to live life that close to the edge?

An erotic short story.

General Erotica
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