Stepbrother Yearning

by Kenzie Haven

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Falling in love with the leader of a motorcycle club is dangerous. When that man is your stepbrother, things get even more dicey.

I have no intention of quitting my affair with Gray, the leader of the Royals MC and my stepbrother, anytime soon. We're happy together, but since no one would understand our love, we've chosen to keep it a secret.

Gray's an important man. He needs the unquestioning respect of his club members. Especially when a rival gang, the Finches, are out for blood.

To protect me, Gray moves me to his safehouse in the woods. But being cooped up in there with him is a recipe for all kinds of sexy trouble—and disaster, if any of his men come around.

But that's a risk I'm willing to take. I have to have my stepbrother. Even if it kills me...