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Sex, Money, and the Price of Truth

PE Kavanagh

4.0 Stars
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*** Sex, Money, and the Price of Truth is a steamy, standalone, full-length contemporary romance with a sprinkling of suspense and a splash of magic. A guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

She wasn't looking for love. He wasn't supposed to find it.
Lola and Aidan would have been the perfect match, if not for the lie that brought them together.
When a stunning man appears at her local coffee shop, Lola knows better than to engage him. Her romantic history is littered with men who were too good to be true.But Aidan deftly takes down her guard, leaving her with only one option - go out with him.
The supposedly chance meeting quickly develops into a passionate affair, despite the secrets that hold them back.
As the deception is revealed, so is the threat that puts more than just their relationship in jeopardy. Aidan and Lola are forced to confront the deceit in their pasts, the desire of their present, and the price they're willing to pay for a future together.

Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Erotic Romance
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Verified ARC Reader

Lengthy Read

by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t connect with the characters in this story and it was the writing style. The author used “she” and “he” a lot instead of the characters names, which normally gives you a subconscious connection to the characters. There was at least for me always a bit of separation from them an almost formalness about them.

The beginning of the story was a bit exciting and I was intrigued. After that the story took on predictableness. The meeting with Lola and Aidan in the coffee shop was so staged it practically screamed setup. To be fair there were some thrilling moments and nice playful banter that made you think there would be more along that line. When they had their first chance to be intimate and Aidan reacted the way he did, I pretty much knew most of how the story would go at that point. True there were a few surprises but nothing to major to change my observatory feel of the book. Plus the length of the book drug on what could have been wrapped up with 2000 or so less pages.

It was an ok lengthy read with a story line that became predictable, with nice characters with a bit of depth. I did like the relationship between Lola and her best friend Maddie that was probably to me the most believable relationship in the book. It had a natural feel to it. The book wasn’t awful I just was not able to make a good connection to the characters.

Verified ARC Reader

Just WOW

by rainbowtourist

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I voluntarily read an arc of this book via Booksprout for a fair and honest review. Disillusioned by his life in New York and a broken engagement, Aidan Connelly chucks it all and takes a two year sabbatical to Asia to clear his head. Returning to NY he's not convinced that this is where he will stay. Lola is a magazine editor. When we meet Lola she is reliving, in a dream, a scary relationship with an ex. Lola is cautious about men. Every morning on her way to work Lola starts her day with a stop at the Kismet coffee shop. The morning after her dream she sees a handsome man in the shop. After running into this man at the kismet for several days, he finally works up the courage to ask her out. And here's where Aidan and Lola's relationship begins. Aidan's dialogue is just stunningly written. There really are no other words for it. A reader can't help but become drawn in by him. It's exciting and alluring. Lola, unlike me, the reader, is a harder sell. Here's the thing, Aidan is perfect on paper (no pun intended) however, an event happened in the first few pages of this book and I'm hoping this event has nothing to do with Aidan and Lola. Aidan is confusing, while Lola has gotten over some of her hang ups it is Aidan who holds off sex. This story is just full of story. The complexity is staggering and while the beginning reads like the first moments on a roller coaster...the slow steady upwardly mobile climb, once tights its' peak it is a wild ride.