by Teddy Cat Hester

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Every day's a sunny day for Megan Pennybaker.

Will E. Love considers it a good day when his little black cloud doesn't drench him.

Can a dog-loving preschool teacher take off her rose-colored glasses long enough to stay the course with a golf pro convinced he has nothing to offer?

Normally, smashing a mutt loaf platter on a woman before hello isn't a promising start to a new romance. But like they always say, life's lemons are for making lemonade, right? Our dogs like each other. My Bowser friends are encouraging me to give him another try. And when he stripped off his shirt, looking like a sexy pirate king, I was dazzled. So, ahoy matey, let's see where this adventure goes!

Megan is a standalone, short-n-sweet novella. That means for 2 hours or more, there's no cheating, no explicit sex, and no hardcore cussing. There is a guaranteed happily ever after, with no cliffhanger.