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Illians: First Landing - A wholly inhuman erotic short

Lexa Grandin

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Put yourself in the mind of an otherworldly being. An erotic short of a wholly different species, with a biology entirely different to our own.

[6,000 words: sci-fi, alien biology, edging]

Our native Illian communication is a mix of bellows and whistles and grunts, supplemented by gestures from our expressive legs and hands. Human speech, however, involves other organs entirely. The mouth and tongue is where the vital difference lies between those of Earth and those of Illia. It has never made much sense to me that humans should excrete and reproduce in such close quarters with each other. We Illians keep the garbage disposal on the far end of our bodies, and intermingle the two great pleasures in life together in the mouth.
Many of my friends still gasp to see Earthlings bring their faces together in public. And French kissing! In my ambassador training, I have had to move past such modesty.

Tawinn is a new recruit to the Illian cultural ambassador training programme, learning human languages and customs for inter-species cultural exchange. Tawinn's classmate, Kal, is a handsome and talented trainee who soars above the rest of the class.

Learning a new language is not the toughest part of ambassador training, however: the real challenge lies in the fundamental difference between human and Illian anatomy. Every conversation is a tantalising struggle, for an Illian's tongue is their sensitive sexual organ. For Tawinn, it is a particular struggle not to give in to pleasure.

As Kal rushes off to Earth to continue his training, Tawinn must decide: Her home and her people, or isolation and love on Earth?

Short Erotica Sci-fi Romance General Erotica
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by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Have you ever just made words and sounds to feel the different sensations on your tongue and lips? Eating pop rocks and while they are fizzing on your tongue moving them about and enjoying the tingle? Well this story makes you think about how a world that uses their tongue expressively would have to deal with learning earths languages and the myriad sounds we produce when speaking. Each language has its own intonations, pauses, inhalation and exhalation and placement of tongue.

We meet our soon to be earth bound aliens Tawinn and Kal doing a vocalization lesson. Tawinn keeps getting lost in the ecstasy of the words and she partners with Kal to learn how to control herself in public in some after school study sessions.

These sessions while helpful in learning how to increase their stamina around humans’ serves in drawing them closer. Kal showed a real knack for picking up English and was sent to earth numerous times.

Tawinn is just getting settled on campus when Kal shows up and while happy to see a familiar face she is still trying to adjust to life on earth. He makes her a proposition and now has some decisions to make.

This was more of a sensual story as you got to revel in the pleasure of sound, touch and closeness of a different species as they derived pleasure from the spoken word. At the heart of it is also a love story without too many complications and fitting together in a new and strange world.