Trinity's Loss

by Indiana Wake


Trinity Pruitt, was as excited as any 20 year old would be, heading out on a new adventure for a new life with her mother, Beth, and father, Michael, along the Oregon Trail. The excitement dulled somewhat through the weeks of hardship, exhaustion, dust and barren land. Until something happened to quell the excitement, hopes, and dreams, of the girl forever.
Now, with an end to the life they expected to lead out west, what was left other than to just survive?

Dillon Goodman, saw her, with her mother and father sat beside the fire in the ring of wagons. The picture of perfection. He had to get to know her, but was a little shy to talk to her, until that dreadful day.
Now with only a plot of land and a dream, can Dillon do what is needed to win over Trinity? Or will she fall for the handsome and rich Kirby Thornhill? Son of the biggest landowner, and most powerful man in the area, Bart Thornhill.
Will Dillon risk life and limb to ride the dangerous bucking bronco, Thunder, against Trinity’s wishes?
Will Kirby Thornhill get his way and claim Trinity for himself, like everything else he ever wanted?
Find out in the exciting new sweet and inspirational western romance book by Indiana Wake.