Naughty lil Angel

by Naughty Angel Publishing

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I’m a top romance author writing love for a living.
So where is my own Happily Ever After?

I’ve been patient long enough.
I’m young, independent, and single in the city.
I used to be happy spending my nights with a different “Mr. Right Now”.
But now Mr. Right has started to come into my life.
And my heart stops every time we’re together.
He’s strong. Powerful. Intense.
He makes my knees weak and my panties wet.

You’d think it’s gonna be easy, right?
It’s anything but.
Not when two alphas circle each other.

But I’m tired of being a good girl.
It’s time to let my wings furl and be a Naughty Lil’ Angel.

This is the start of the story of WineBar. 60K words of pure Alexis Angel. With three new novels you’ve never seen as well. Come inside…you’ll get sticky. I promise.