Filthy Prince: A Steamy Royal Romance

by D.C. Rowley

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How dirty do you want your prince to be?

Prince Cade Barrington is an unfixable womanizer, but when his parents decide that it’s time for him to take on the royal duties and marry a woman who he despises, the best thing the prince could do is escape.
Leaving everything behind and needing some time away from all this, Cade decides to catch the nearest flight in LA where he meets Serena and they hit it immediately. She’s pretty and innocent and doesn’t have a clue that he’s a price when she starts to fall for him.
Cade thinks Serena is enchanting. She’s nothing like the girls he screws in the kingdom and little by little he finds himself captivated by this girl.
Would he be able to diverge the royal protocol and save himself from his destined fate?