The Piedersen Conspiracy

by Christian Dane

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At first, they thought they were simply the target of a rapidly growing international cybercrime, but soon find out this is only the beginning of a far more complex and potentially deadly threat. Ed Vandera and his PA, Marti Ellis, set out on a journey that has them chasing down the perpetrators across three continents as they find themselves up against the twisted machinations of a mind hell-bent on seeking revenge against the Vandera Shipping dynasty. With the abduction of Ed’s father, Charles, during a business trip to China, a race against time begins. Ed seeks the help of two friends, Gus, an old school pal who now works for the FBI and his ex-Army buddy, Whitey, now an arms dealer in Somalia. The four of them pool their varying skills to make sense of the clues, which unfortunately seem to be at odds with each other, as they attempt to identify and locate whoever is behind the twisted plot and save Charles from an unspecified fate. The closer Ed and Marti come to solving the puzzle, the more desperate the measures their opponents are willing to take as their goal of ending the reign of the Vanderas remains tantalisingly out of reach. The question is whether Ed and Marti can succeed to save either the family or the company before one or other falls victim to the Piedersen Conspiracy.