Mr. Beast Owns Beauty: An Adult Fairytale

by Q. Zayne

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A dutiful daughter, tightly closed as a rosebud. A cursed, obsessed prince. In the enchanted woods, no one will hear her scream. Beware: This dark fairy tale passion breaks rules.
When a royal recluse demands a man’s treasured daughter as payment, his curvy captive transforms him.
His aggressive courtship outrages Belle, but he needs her to break the curse that made him a lonely lion-man.
Unless he wins her heart, they’ll both remain prisoners in his remote castle. Only virginal Belle’s love can save their lives.

Note: Mr. Beast Owns Beauty is a standalone 29,000-word novella, with an HEA, no cliffhanger. This New Adult fantasy is rated 18+ for language and high-heat scenes. The tale includes Mr. Beast’s point of view as well as Belle’s. This book is for readers who enjoy alpha shifters and Dark Fantasy. Mr. Beast Owns Beauty was inspired by one of the earliest versions of the original fairy tale. It has nothing to do with the Disney movie. A shorter version of this adult fairy tale retelling appeared as Mr. Beast.
Adventurous readers, enjoy!
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