Bad Girls Do It Better

by Aubrey Michelle

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Prince Charming? F*ck that! It takes a bad boy to make me happy.
I'm supposed to be the bad girl. The twin who is rotten to the core and breaks all the rules
The prince charming in my fairy tale was supposed to be an outlaw, a bad boy biker, someone forbidden. Falling in love with Liam Bane, a guy that any father in the world would approve of, was not on the agenda.

I never got over my childhood crush. Sarabelle is my best friend, but her twin sister Lexi? She's the one I really want.
I've always been close to her. She is my best friend's twin sister, after all. Unfortunately, I've had trouble getting her to give me a chance. I'm the safe choice and she wants trouble. Maybe it's time that she learns all about my dark side...

Bad Girls Do It Better is a full-length romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA. Bonus content included for a limited time.