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One New Message

Vivian Ward

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Ever wonder what your spouse "really thinks" sexually?
This all started when my wife, Maddy, and I seemed to have drifted apart. I found an online ad written by a guy who promised to help unlock her secrets, but I wasn't going to trust some creep to talk to my wife so I downloaded a text app.

Her fantasies quickly became my obsession. I wasn't going to lose her to a stranger who didn't exist, but the damage was already done long before I ever sent her the first message.

This stranger could give her things that I never thought of, make her feel things that I hadn't made her feel in years, but this stranger was all me.

Now my wife is in love with two men.

Or maybe one...until she discovers who's behind the messages.

All of this is going to end badly.

This a complete, standalone dark romance novel that guarantees a happily ever after.

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance Women's Fiction
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Loved It

by Bookbytch5

Another awesome read from Vivian Ward, This is a brilliant book. Couldn't put it down, read it till late at night. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

Loved this story!

by BookAddict

I was hooked on this book the second I read the blurb. It's a different scenario than I've ever read and I love that.
The story is about a husband and wife in a marriage that isn't doing so hot. The wife, Maddy, isn't happy with her sex life and her husband, Drew, wants to make it right. He pretends to be the other guy and learns things about his wife that really turns her on. There's angst and hot, steamy scenes you don't want to miss.
I was hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every second. I highly recommend it! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.


by Melanie Jo

Wow...this book was amazing. I have been a fan of Vivian's work since her first release and this book is probably one of my favorites. I love how different this book was from other romance. Drew and Maddy were going through a rough time and Drew felt like he was losing his wife. So he decided to chat with his wife as a stranger to figure out how to keep her. What he found out was his wife was falling in love with him as the stranger. I absolutely loved this book. I cannot wait for more from Vivian!!!