Fire or Ice: A Billionaire Romance Novel

by S.J. Mullins

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Every time I close my eyes I see his face. Even when don’t want to. Even when he doesn’t deserve that I still dream about him. If anything, he was more like a nightmare. But no matter what I do, I can’t forget about him. Will I ever move on?
Ava Fischer is an accountant at a successful firm in Chicago and she loves what she does. She’s built herself up from scratch after she ran away from home and the memories of the boy who broke her heart, there. She only dates casually, she’s married to her job and nothing can go wrong.
James Weber has walked in his brother’s shadow all his life and he’s tried to set the record straight by starting up a company that will prove his worth to anyone who cares to know. He’s rich and successful with a business partner that makes things happen and life is what it should be.
Except, something goes wrong. James suspects foul play in his company and he asks his best friend to bring in an outsider to take a look at the books. Caleb agrees to help and calls up the best accountant he knows to do the job.
As soon as Ava and James get over the shock of seeing each other again, sparks fly – but not always in a good way. They have a love-hate relationship where it’s sex the one moment and fighting the next. Love is at arm’s length but neither of them can reach it if they’re not willing to bend a little. Throw a cunning partner and a handsome best friend in the mix and things go from bad to worse.
Can they put their pasts behind them and work together professionally? Or has too much happened between them to keep a clear mind and keep the James’s business from going under?