Rebound Envy

by Jerica MacMillan

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Always the bridesmaid when her best friend's the bride ...

Amy's best friend Jenna is engaged ... again. And she's asked Amy to be her maid of honor again. Amy can't help but feel jealous that Jenna's ready to walk down the aisle for the second time, especially when her own love life is virtually nonexistent.

Adam has wanted Amy since she first walked into his wine bar. After he finally got the chance to take her out, issues from his past got in the way.

Now she's dating someone else, and he's jealous of the lost opportunity.

Will Adam and Amy work out the issues from the past and present that are keeping them apart? Or will their jealousies ruin their relationships and keep them apart forever?


A glass of red wine appears on the low table in front of me, next to my half drunk flute of champagne. A low voice rumbles next to my ear. "We just got in a new Syrah last week. Try it. I think you'll like it."

I turn in surprise to find Adam's face close to mine. His dark hair has gotten a little long since I last saw him, curling more than it does when it's shorter. I like it. I want to touch it, run my hands through it. There's no hair product there that will make me feel like I need to wash my hands afterward. Of course, I don't. We don't have that kind of relationship.

"Hey, Adam. Thanks." I reach for the wine, glad to have something better to drink than the champagne. Especially since I am now faced with Adam. A strange mix of elation and dread fills me, causing my stomach to swirl and all of my saliva to dry up. He always makes me feel something. Avoiding him for almost two months hasn't changed that at all.

He takes the seat next to me, lounging back in the comfortable chair, his golden eyes studying me as I take a sip. He quirks a brow at me. "What do you think?"

"It's really good. Thanks for getting it for me."

He flicks a couple fingers at my champagne flute. "I saw your date got you that. While it's good champagne, I know you prefer reds over whites."

I nod. "I do." There doesn't seem to be much else to say to that, even though he seems to be fishing for something.

He glances over to where Scott is still talking and mingling. "I'm surprised you're over here by yourself. Usually you like to mix and mingle. Tired of your boyfriend already?"

There's a little bite to his tone that I haven't heard from him before. "I've been mingling for a while already. My feet were hurting and I wanted to sit. Scott is enjoying himself and I saw no reason to drag him away." For some reason I've decided not to correct his assumption that Scott is more to me than a date for tonight.

Adam raises his eyebrows. "He looks like he takes longer to get ready than my sister. And she's a beauty queen."

I look at Scott's profile where he's standing in animated conversation. "He is very well groomed." I turn my gaze back to Adam. "I hadn't pegged you as the type to get jealous over another man's looks."

He laughs, but it sounds ugly and forced. Not the carefree, flirtatious laugh I'm used to from him. "I wouldn't say I was jealous of his looks, Amy."

I set the wine glass back on the table, not enjoying this exchange at all now. "Is there something you wanted, Adam? Or did you just come over to criticize my date?"

He studies my face. "Date? Not boyfriend?"

"I'm not sure why it matters." I stand and pick up the champagne flute. "You've been more than clear that you have no interest in either position."