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Pieces: A Heated Billionaire Romance Story

S.J. Mullins

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Kenzie Morris is a free-spirited interior designer, who up until recently had decided to focus on her work and allowing her love life to die a miserable death. Despite her best friend, and her parents’ constant efforts to find a boyfriend, and possible husband, Kenzie has had enough of it all.
When she lands a big redesign job at one of the leading data storing companies, she meets Wyatt Pearce, who seems arrogant and just plain rude.
She notices his lack of tact, which is one of the main reasons why he is still single, and despite her better judgment, offers to help him become more approachable, and less of a jerk.

As Kenzie spends more time with Wyatt, she realizes that he is completely misunderstood, and actually a nice guy, and begins to develop feelings for Wyatt, but she knows they cannot have a future together, because they’re so different, and because Wyatt is clearly searching for someone beyond her type. What makes things even more complicated is her brother, Dillon’s negative reaction when he hears about her involvement with Wyatt.
When Kenzie is confronted with the truth, she doesn't know which way to turn.
Will she turn her back on her own brother for love, or will she lose the only man who she’s ever really loved, and loved her in return?

Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance General Erotica
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