The Camelot Kids

by Ben Zackheim

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Simon Sharp is a teenager in New York. He's alone, desperate and making all the wrong choices. When a mysterious girl shows up and tells him he's the heir to a Knight of the Round Table, Simon's life changes overnight. But is it for the better?

"If you've been waiting for a book that will take you back to the day when you first read Harry Potter, then your wait is over." - A Chick Who Reads review (5 Stars)

Simon Sharp lost his parents to a plane crash two years ago. Now, it’s his fourteenth birthday and the only gift he wants is a place to belong. Unfortunately, he’s made a lot of bad decisions since the accident. Running away from halfway houses. Lashing out at people who care about him. And, worst of all, doing small jobs for a petty thief. Every payday makes the memory of his parents fade a little more.

So when a girl in a colorful cloak shows up and tells Simon that he’s in danger and that he’s the heir to Lancelot, King Arthur’s most powerful knight, Simon assumes it’s a joke. But a drunk troll, a 7-foot man who calls himself Merlin and a hidden castle called New Camelot change his mind.

Now, training as a knight with 149 other descendants of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, Simon finds himself part of a prophecy that promises the salvation of the world.

But only through its destruction.

"I don't think I have had such a fun time with a book since I read Percy Jackson." - Belle's Beautiful Books review

"Zackheim does an excellent job of twisting the story away from your expectations - and in places even uses your expectations, both of the genre itself and the source material, against you." - Nicholas Pozo, Goodreads reader

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