The Shirley Link Box Set

by Ben Zackheim

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Get the first three books in the Shirley Link mystery for kids 9-12 for one low price. With a combined average rating of 4.5 stars, you know your kids are in for a good time!
Here are some editorial reviews.

"Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you'll feel really good about it." - Emily Neuburger,

"This Veronica Mars for the tween-set is funny, smart, and full of preternatural wisdom. A thirteen year old gumshoe with mad crazy perception skills, Shirley Link sets out to solve the mystery of a missing school safe while at the same time juggling jealous best friends, boys, and homework. She does this with aplomb and the occasional, hilarious zinger." - Edward Hemingway, Author/Illustrator for Bad Apple and Bump in the Night

What's the Shirley Link mystery series for kids about?
Shirley Link lives in Shelburne Falls, a small New England town that attracts tourists, Hollywood and, well, how do we say this? Very unusual criminals. It's a good thing Shirley possesses some serious detective chops! When trouble comes to her home, Shirley and her friends (Marie and Wylie) hop on their bikes and get to work.

Join Shirley on her first three adventures and see why young mystery fans can't get enough Shirley!

This boxed set includes:
Shirley Link & The Safe Case (4.3 Stars with 88 reviews on Amazon)
Someone stole thirty thousand dollars, which is bad enough. But the thief also took the one-ton safe that stored the cash! How is that even possible? Shirley and friends need to find out if they want to save their favorite school principal from getting axed.

Shirley Link & The Hot Comic (4.5 Stars with 21 reviews on Amazon)
Someone is after a mint copy of The Avengers #1, worth over $100k. He's taunting the police with notes about when he'll pull off the heist. Whoever is behind the notes also wants to pull Shirley into a battle of the brains. Can she outwit a brilliant, determined criminal and save Thor, Hulk and Iron Man from his nefarious plot?

Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest (4.8 Stars with 14 reviews)
Shirley proves how rewarding it is to get out of the house and explore. During a casual stroll through her town's sewers (don't ask) she stumbles on evidence that Shelburne Falls' underground is hiding something. But what? As she digs deeper she finds evidence that a pirate's treasure is waiting to be found. Can she work through the clues and unearth the fortune?

Ready for some detective adventure? Snag the Shirley Link Boxed Set and dive in! The series is perfect for advanced elementary readers and middle school kids.
"There are early middle grade mysteries out there, but most of them have sketchy characters, and a lot of them plod along fairly predictable arcs. This series has an engaging heroine, a lot of attitude, and a much snappier overall feel." - PopBop, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer