Rebound Therapy

by Jerica MacMillan

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Jenna just needs a little rebound therapy.

Jenna Anderson is still stuck in her grief a year after her fiance died in a tragic accident. All she does is go to work and spend time at home, her former spark gone. Her best friend decides she needs a rebound guy to have some fun and start to live again.

Brian MacCallum is the hot owner of the wine bar where Amy takes Jenna. He has a mischievous grin that he wields like a weapon to convince Jenna to give him a chance.

Will his love be enough to pull Jenna out of her grief so she can learn to live and love again?

This is a short read that grabs your heart and doesn't let go. If you like relatable characters, references to The Princess Bride, and steamy scenes hot enough to melt your Kindle, download Rebound Therapy now!


"I've decided what your next step should be," Amy says after the first movie is over. We've eaten half the pizza, and each plowed through half of our respective pints.

I groan, both from feeling overfull and with dread from hearing her decision for my life. "I'm stuffed," I say, putting the lid back on my ice cream and getting up to put it in the freezer. "Do you want another Mike's?"

"Sure. Aren't you going to ask what I've decided?"

"No. I don't want to know."

"Yes, you do. It's brilliant, I promise."

"What happened to sympathetic Amy that I talked to on the phone earlier? Can I have her back?"

She grins. "Nope. It's proactive Amy's turn. Ask me what you should do next."

I take a deep breath and brace myself. "Fine. What have you decided I should do next with my life?"

"You need a rebound."


"A rebound. You know, to bounce back."