Out of the Tower: A Charming Adult Fairy Tale

by Candice Gilmer

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A historical romance meets a grown-up fairy tale!

Rapunzel knows no other existence but her life in her tower, carrying for her twenty ells of golden hair and obeying her strict mother.

She would love to feel the grass between her toes and touch the bark of a tree, but she knows she will never be able to—her magical braids keep her trapped in the tower she lives in, high over the forest.

Then one day, she sees a boy. A man.

And he throws everything she knows—everything her mother taught her about the outside world—into question.

Can she trust this boy? He makes her heart patter in her chest, and his mere presence makes her feel alive in ways she’s never known.

But Mother told her the world was filled with evil and danger.

Is he more danger?

Or is he a savior?

Can she trust him long enough to find out? Or will his duty destroy this budding relationship before it ever gets on it's feet?

*This is the first story in The Charming Fairy Tales series. Originally it was published as Rescuing Rapunzel, and has since been updated and expanded, with much of the original tale changed.