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Candice Gilmer

4.4 Stars
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The Complex Book Series.
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Some choices cannot be unclaimed

Luke Cadell, war veteran with a nefarious history during P-Extinction, admires the Complex as he walks into the facility. Too bad his reputation is going to get him killed here. If the terrorist plot he’s mixed up in doesn’t kill him first.

Morrigan is starting her life over. Not that she has a choice. Odin banished her from Valhalla, and the eternal existence she adored. Now the Valkyrie must learn to live as a mostly-Human. Simple enough. Until she gets a premonition that will destroy every achievement gained in the Complex.

Luke could help her. Or he could follow orders. Morrigan isn’t betting he will change his orders.

General Romance Paranormal Romance Sci-fi Romance
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Verified ARC Reader


by Ashley Magruder

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review... unclaimed is the third book that I read in this series... But then again I don't know if it is a series... But I do know that they are all related in some form and fashion... I enjoyed unclaimed very much... The plot to it was very intricate very thought-out and very detailed... The characters in it was also very thought-out... But also to be in a book like this they had to be thought out because it just had to work together... I would recommend these books to anybody...

Verified ARC Reader

Quick Read

by Anonymous

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Well-written scifi romance full of action and adventure! Luke and Morrigan complement each other well - both bitter characters who fight for the same cause and develop sizzling chemistry.

Verified ARC Reader

Unclaimed Is Still A Choice

by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

What if you were told you could live and work at a Complex for one-hundred thousand Seldova coin enough to start a new life anywhere in the world would you be able to do it for two and a half years? How about living in a city with humans and Meta humans that are just coming down from a horrific ten-year war would it be worth it? Some may consider it their lucky day others know its just an experiment with another war waiting to happen.

Morrigan a disposed Valkyrie kicked out of Valhalla by Odin himself is about to find out. Morrigan is no longer a full Valkyrie after she disobeyed a direct order from Odin he stripped her of her wings and her powers and made her semi-human. She now has to live among mortals and act like one of them. She does still retain some spotty remnants of her powers but nothing she can count on in a pinch. When her sight of the future shows her an assassination attempt she goes to the authorities hoping they may be able to stop it. When she is subdued and taken as a prisoner she responds, as a true Valkyrie would even with her reduced powers.

Luke Cadell is a human with cybernetic parts, borderline more machine than man. During the war he was known as The Butcher of P-Extinction and never left any survivors. Now he’s the maintenance guy at the Complex where if knowledge of who he really is got out he would be dead in days.

Luke and Morrigan see each other briefly and have a flare of recognition and then its gone. When Luke is ordered to guard and possible kill the kidnapped captive he is undecided if he wants to follow that order. Once he recognizes Morrigan from their chance meeting he is torn by his sudden desire to be with her as well as the need for some answers.

They are both taken aback and intrigued by the intense physical connection they shared. They both have secrets, will finally getting answers help them out of their sudden death predicament or will the answers give them a fighting chance from a no win situation?

I liked the technical aspects of the story. The characters were both very strong and ready to take on everyone even thou they knew they would not survive. It had some cute moments, insane we are about to die moments, some steamy bits, and some over the top bad guys, however both characters had a certain reserve about them that made it a bit hard to warm to them completely it was still a good read.

Verified ARC Reader

Good book

by Steph

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Great plot, good characters and we'll written. I enjoyed reading this book and will definitely be reading more form this author

Verified ARC Reader


by Dawn Mauritzen

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This was a great sifi read. Loved the characters and storyline . If you love a great sifi read this book is for you.