Craving The Boss: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

by D.C. Rowley

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What would you do if you found out the guy you screwed a night ago is about to become your boss?
And he wants to make your life a living hell because of the way you ditched him the morning after.

When soon to be design executive Keira Akerson decides to take up the offer of her best friend to spend the night on a random nightclub, she didn't think that she'd end up on the bed of the most famous bachelor in the city, who happens to be gorgeous looking and a billionaire.
The hangover didn’t let her remember a thing about that, so she’s terrified when she finds herself on the bed of some stranger.
Cason is handsome and he likes to use his youthfulness as a magnet to attract lots and lots of girls around him. He's sexy, rich, ripped, and could drive a girl over the edge (yeah, he likes sex and he likes it raw.)
It was just a one night stand, but he wants more. So he tracks Keira down and buys her company out. And that means that he’s her new boss and he could make her do anything he liked, which wasn’t always professional.
Besides an overrated course assignment, the annoying professor and the very troublesome ex who was trying to get back together, Keira finds herself on the strings on her new boss.
And she’s afraid that this hate she shares for him is so strong that is starting to look like something much more than hate. So she wants to get away from him as far as she can, before this feeling shatters her world.

Can a one night stand turn into something more?