Hard & Lethal

by Jade Allen

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I'm damn good at tracking down what I want. Whether it's a Colombian drug lord or a hot piece of a$$, nothing will stop me from nailing my target. It's that simple.

As an international vigilante, I don't have time to be tied down to anything--or anyone--but I finally decided to fly home and see my family for the first time in 10 years.

Little did I know I'd be running into Sarah, the very girl who'd been dying to ride this c*ck all those years ago, but she was just jailbait back then.

Problem is, thanks to my line of work, I know some dark secrets about her family that would turn her world upside down. She doesn't know she's in serious danger, but if I can keep my d*ck in my pants long enough to find who's after her, I just might be able to save her life.