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Valkyrie Unbound

Wednesday Noir

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Everyone has secrets. Unfortunately for Amelia, few people can keep secrets from her. At least that's what the clairvoyant thinks. Her closest family has kept a secret about her birth. She grew up thinking she was an abandoned witch raised by a werelion. But with a killer draining the emotional imprints off victims Amelia must face who and what she is. Tainted witch or Valkyrie?

At the same time Mason, a dragon hired by the Lord of the State as an enforcer. His first assignment is tracking down the Alp hunting the territory. Amelia is a complication he wasn't expecting when he was charged with keeping her safe as well. The attraction between them is intense.

Mason ran from his past and his clan. Now his past is coming back to haunt him. It's up to Mason to decide rather to live with a ghost from his past or claim his Valkyrie.

Live long enough, your path will bring you home.

Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance
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