Written In Blood

by Silvana G. Sánchez

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Ride across seventeenth-century Europe, where the heart's deepest desires entangle with the wonders of Enlightenment and ancient legend.

In seventeenth-century Winterbourne, Ivan Lockhart's mastery escaping death has become legendary; but when tragedy strikes during a winter hunt, the fate of another seals forever his damnation. Only the promise of a love defiant of the bounds of propriety can save him from his sins as he embarks on the Grand Tour's adventure.

Ivan's pursuit to unravel the mystery behind the curse that haunts him will lead him to Poveglia, an island cast deep in the shadows of the Venetian horizon where secrets of an ancient lineage of Immortals, the Sartie Mangiatori, lay dormant.

Trapped between the struggle to gain redemption from his sins and the alluring promise of eternity, Lockhart's path will drive him to an unexpected journey through the darkest corners of Europe's elite destinations, as well as a pilgrimage to the remotest depths of the human heart.