Written In Blood

by Silvana G. Sánchez

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A treat for paranormal and historical romance lovers!

Ivan Lockhart cheated death for the last time.

When Ivan escapes a fatal tragedy where his brother dies, damnation follows his every step. 

Haunted by guilt, Lockhart flees Winterbourne and embarks to the city of Venice along with his sister, Alisa.

In his travels, he discovers a forsaken island that conceals a rare lineage of immortals: the Sartie Mangiatori. But to make matters worse, Ivan has become a target of one of such creatures.

The Old World’s legends are true—vampires and witches are real. There’s no going back for Ivan Lockhart when he inadvertently steps in a realm of Darkness. 

What people are saying about Written in Blood:

"This book should be filed away under Guilty Pleasures!" 

"Unique novel of great beauty!" 

"I loved everything: the story, the characters, the passages, everything!"