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Prize of War

Carole Towriss

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Acsah is the only daughter of Caleb, Israel’s most famous spy. When Acsah can’t seem to choose a husband, Caleb feels he must step in, and she soon finds herself betrothed to a warrior. That’s the last thing she wants, however. Soldiers are never home....

Othniel has loved Acsah for as long as he can remember. When Caleb makes his unbelievable promise of picking a trusted warrior for her husband, he fights not only for Israel but for Acsah’s hand in marriage.

Once safely settled in Debir, Acsah relaxes, believing Othniel can stay home and never fight again. Until the giants come back and threaten nearby Anab. Can Acsah deny the people of Anab her husband’s skill and leave them to the giants … or can she trust God if her husband goes to fight once again?

Christian Fiction Historical Fiction Historical Romance
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