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Laney's Forbidden Fruit

by Wednesday Noir

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“What are you doing here?” Grayson asked clearing his throat.

“I think we both know,” Laney said turning around and untying the belt to the coat. Grayson shut the door. He did know but he was still nervous. By the time the door closed Laney's was and dropping it to the floor. Grayson's eyes widened seeing what she was wearing underneath. Or rather what she wasn't.

Grayson found his perfect match in his Boss's daughter. Laney's tall, beautiful, dresses well, feminine and cooks. The perfect housewife Grayson's looking for. But her overprotective father is always around looking over his shoulder.

When Laney invites him over for dinner he is shocked when her secret is revealed. Laney comes with a surprise package. One heterosexual Grayson wasn't expecting. After months of attraction and flirting, will Grayson accept his perfect match comes with something extra?