Ruthless Angel

by David K Dark

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Tia is a killer with no past..
She only knows what she has learnt in the past 48 hours, but she's learning fast. She saves a little girl from a nightmare scenario and vows to find her older sister, setting off on a journey which puts her in the path of Charlie, a native American trucker helping his community in the face of corporate greed.
Leaving for the city, Tia starts to discover herself, and finds that life is complex and confusing. A surprise encounter awakens her sexuality and begins to develop her understanding of human nature.
She needs to learn quickly in order to fulfil her final wish for vengeance, and learns to harness her talent and dark beauty to get what she needs, but doesn't realise she is putting herself and the people who she is closest to in even more danger.
At times dark and gritty, this is an adult, supernatural, thriller dealing with Native American injustice and prostitution issues, with a gripping, mind-blowing finale.