The Delight Vector Chronicles: Books 1 - 6

by David K Dark

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The Complete Delight Vector Chronicles. Six sizzling books that take you on a an x-rated adventure to the unknown.
If you've never had sex with an alien, the Delight Vector is the best place to start! From the raw, almost comic-book style debut of We Come In Peace and it's sequel, Take me to your breeder, follow the Delight Vector as Dan falls for Aurelia, a gutsy country girl who gets caught up in the abduction experiences.
The steamy action intensifies throughout, as the attraction grows between them, and as a catastrophic conspiracy emerges, their sexual awakenings begin.
As the characters go on a personal journey of eroticism, helped by their enigmatic extra-terrestrial lovers, each book in the series explores with an increasing clarity the different aspects of love, lust and existence.

Book 1
We Come In Peace
You need never fear abduction incidences again, each one is a truly joyous and throbbing experience. When Dan is abducted the last thing on his mind is lust, but his captors have other ideas. A truly electrifying tale of attraction amongst the cosmos, where all inhibitions are flung to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Prepare to be taken for a ride into a black hole of excitement!
Meet Gaia and Lithia as they take Dan to places humans can only dream of and fulfil his wildest dreams!

Book 2
Take me to your breeder
Dan is getting abducted regularly, and it's something he could get used to. But when his sensual alien captors take him to meet the Breeder he gets more than he bargained for.
David K Dark expands the erotic universe and invites you on a journey to the extra-terrestrial's mother ship in a continuing saga of lust and heavenly contact amongst the stars.

Book 3
Aurelia's Abduction
When Aurelia Johnson meets Dan she is intrigued and stalks him for a reason she cannot understand. He is enigmatic and handsome, but it appears he is already taken. When she has to make a split second decision that will change her destiny, can she find the courage to take it?
Aurelia unwittingly finds herself on a wild adventure with Dan and finds out that their abductors have a different side than the one she imagined! A steamy story that will leave you wanting more!

Aurelia's Awakening
Aurelia Johnson has a problem. She has strong feelings for Dan, the handsome, enigmatic alien abductee. The trouble is, so do their captors, a pair of mysterious and voluptuous aliens. Can Aurelia compete with the wonders of the universe? And will their captors be able to throw off their orders and change their destiny? Aurelia finds pleasure beyond her comprehension as her life changes forever.

Book 5
Alien Dreams
Aurelia is dressed to kill, about to meet up with her boyfriend, Dan, but she never makes it to his house. Instead, she is taken by the aliens once more to meet her handsome, enigmatic lover. She realises that they have been taken to fulfil one last mission, but the stakes are very high. Soon, Aurelia is being seduced for the first time by an unexpected source. Can Dan also perform under pressure?
The great thing about imminent death is that it tends to loosen all inhibitions!
A thrilling and gripping climax awaits! Intended for mature readers.

Sensual Slaves
Aurelia has not seen her lover in a while, she can almost taste him, but she cannot reach him. She has to make a desperate deal in order to secure a few hours with him. Finding out that she cannot live without his touch, will she be able to set in motion the events needed to secure their escape? For Dan, the last month has been unbearable. He has to find a way to secure the safe passage of the women in his life, and to meet up with Aurelia for the hot rendezvous he so desperately needs. The only way to escape involves a great deal of ingenuity from the pair and will involve a very sticky happy ending!