Lust of the Fallen Star: An Erotic Alien Romance

by Vega Rose

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When Elie Bunting heads out to a cabin in the wilderness of North Carolina for what’s supposed to be a peaceful three week vacation, she doesn’t anticipate spending it with somebody else, let alone an alien seeking help after his spacecraft crashes nearby. Her new roommate is hot, exotic, and brimming with curiosity for the human species - he‘s also desperately sexually frustrated as a result of his culture’s strict breeding laws. With no human name of his own, she names him after a fallen star she once made a wish upon: Percy.

Together, Percy and Elie must race against time to repair his ship so he can escape Earth, all while evading a meddlesome scientist hot on their trail, becoming the suspects in a mysterious murder, and working past their insane attraction to one another. They both know if they succeed, they’ll never see each other again, and it may be too late before Elie realizes Percy could be everything she wished for.

Will everything they work for fall apart in the end? Or will Elie and Percy persist with a love that’s out of this world?

LUST OF THE FALLEN STAR is a high quality full length erotic sci-fi romance novel packed with richly developed characters and a twisting, compelling plot. It’s sure to satisfy with everything from sinister villains to a sexy as hell hero, dramatic showdowns and steamy love scenes that’ll keep you up all night waiting for your fallen star!

This story is 1 in the Fallen Star series, a M/F HEA romance with some sweet alien lovin' and a lot of MANGST! (Man Angst) Be prepared for a sexy emotional wreck of a hero who loves his woman very much!