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Keira Blackwood

3.5 Stars
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Revenge. Regret. Redemption.

Days of self loathing, self destruction, and unrestrained rage had long passed. Or at least the worst of them. Still, nothing could fix what was broken inside of me. That’s what I thought, until I met her. Now it’s all that I can do to keep up with the stunning raven shifter that mirrors my soul, and captures my heart.

Zombie slayer—that’s my life now. Every night since my brother died, I’ve searched for his killer, alone. No one understands, until I meet him. Now we search together: for the truth, for revenge, for redemption.

This standalone story contains steamy shifter romance, action-packed and suspenseful circumstances, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending.

Paranormal Romance Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance
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Verified ARC Reader

Fantastic quick read

by poppy

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.I really enjoyed Axel and Penny's book i just love a good shifter romance and this one did not disappoint well written with a good plot it is another fantastic read from Keira.Go get it i could not put it down.

Verified ARC Reader

A Quick Read

by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

We meet Axel a wolf shifter hanging out in a seedy bar. He seems to be moving from town to town in search of peace. As he leaves the bar he catches a brief glimpse of another unknown shifter and finds himself in the middle of an altercation between that shifter and three other assailants. While he is trying to figure out what’s actually happening our unknown shifter, Penny has already dispatched two of the assailants and leaves the third for him to finish off. Axel gets to see his first ever-raven shifter fly away leaving him with a myriad of questions.

With the author’s synopsis of the characters I expected some world-weary souls. Instead Penny is a nineteen year old that still lives at home and Axel is probably an early to mid twenty something.

This story is cute which about sums it up. There are times when you aren’t certain which character is speaking. There are some paragraph stumbling’s and grammar and punctuation errors. I get the premise behind the story revenge and redemption as far as the plot goes its weak on both of the characters part.

It was nice to have a raven shifter and with the exception of the explanation of why they were called a constable we don’t get much insight into this shifter faction. They can shift and keep their clothes on, there was talk of an amulet but not the relevance to them and their shifting capabilities some more information would be great.

There is a lot of backstory that needs to be added to make this into something. I can’t say that the chemistry of the two characters was all that amazing. They seem to spend more time trying to talk themselves out of being with each other. The minor familiar discord between Penny and her family just came across as the typical “you can’t tell me what to do”, teenage angst and the “fine I’m leaving response. “ Not much to draw you into either world.

With some more back-story on the characters, and a bit more story reworking this has the premise to be a good story. Right now it’s more on the level of something a thirteen to fifteen year old might be gaga over.