Sea Legs

by Nina Hatch

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Escape to the sunny Mediterranean in this sexy romantic romp about finding yourself and finding love in the last place you'd expect.

Rough waters aren’t the only way to rock the boat.

Jake Rochester lives by three rules: he never adds water to his whiskey, he always keeps his dinghy clean, and he doesn’t play a game he can’t win. Olivia Quinn is the opposite of the vapid, easy tourists Jake fills most of his nights with, but there’s something about this uptight, feisty beauty that he just can’t shake—something that makes him want to play for keeps.

It’s bad enough that Olivia’s ex-boyfriend is marrying her little sister in Italy. Now, the guy she hired to be her fake plus-one bailed right before the big wedding, and she’s desperate to find someone, anyone, to play her faux beau if she hopes to get through the evening with her dignity intact. With no other options, she’s forced to take the cocky bad boy from the hotel bar. The one with the smug grin and the panty-dropping smolder, even if he is so not her type.

On the bright side, with his filthy mouth and a body as cut as the rocky shores of the Amalfi Coast he washed up on, Olivia knows Jake will send the perfect message to her ex that she’s not treading water. And what’s the harm in just one sultry fling before returning to her carefully charted life plans?

Although they should have been just two ships passing in the night, a change in heading thrusts Jake and Olivia back into each other’s paths. Will they be able to deny their magnetic pull while being in such close quarters? Or will Olivia find she likes being caught in between the devil and the deep blue sea?

Sea Legs is a steamy contemporary standalone novel about love and adventure on the scintillating Italian coast.