Bought By A Bear

by Aria Chase

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She’s an earnest philanthropist. He’s a billionaire with a dark secret who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is her.

When Olivia Thornton agrees emcee a charity auction for WishGranters Foundation, she doesn’t expect to end up on the auction block. That doesn't stop billionaire Jensen Meade from bidding six million dollars for an evening of her time.

Olivia is shocked by Jensen’s offer. She’s still recovering from a bad relationship, and the last thing she needs is a man who thinks he can buy her love. But at the same time, she knows how badly the foundation could use that money. Reluctantly, she agrees to go on a date with him. After all, it’s only one night.

One look at Olivia, and Jensen is hooked. As a former military hot shot turned billionaire, he’s used to being in charge, no matter what. But when someone seeking revenge against Jensen sets his sights on Olivia, things get messy.

Jensen knows he can win Olivia over if she would just give him a chance. But keeping her without revealing the truth about his past? That’s going to be his greatest challenge yet.

And he’s willing to pay any price to do it.