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Rusalka: A Supernatural Czech Fairy Tale

Odelia Floris

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‘Yes, dear father, a mortal!’ she cried, rising. ‘It was you who told me: they have souls which are immortal, which rise up to heaven when they die!’
The Vodník was sore troubled. ‘Stay in the waters’ embrace. Do not wish for a mortal soul! Mortal souls are full of wickedness!’
‘And love!’ Rusalka cried ardently, reaching her arms up as though calling it to the host of stars above too.
‘By the eternal waters!’ exclaimed the Vodník. ‘Do you mean to say you love a mortal?’

Based on Antonin Dvorak's opera Rusalka, which in turn was inspired by traditional Czech fairy tales, this novelette tells of the water nymph Rusalka and her love for a human prince. A haunting supernatural love story suitable for readers of all ages.

Children's General Fantasy Paranormal Romance
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