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Sheltered Hope

Richelle Renae

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When a boy finds a stray puppy, it comes as a surprise to everyone that he's allowed to keep her because his father is a hard man who thinks chores are more important than pets. It isn't long, though, before Hope wriggles her way into everyone's heart.

Sheltered Hope is a tragic story that explores the notion of compassion and how mercy offers its own rewards. It is the fourth workbook in the Read Write Ponder series, a collection of short stories constructed to engage readers, writers, and educators. Each novelette-sized book is comprised of a single short story, writing prompts to encourage creative writing, discussion questions for thoughtful analysis of characters and theme, and a letter from the author about her inspiration for the story and the techniques she used to write it.

General Action & Adventure General Science Fiction Teen and Young Adult

Message from Richelle Renae

FREE! Another short story in the Read Write Ponder series. Hope is an abandoned puppy rescued by a boy whose father has no intention of allowing him to keep it. Learn how the boy saves Hope and how Hope saves the boy.
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