Golden Meadows

by Richelle Renae

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A man who's always seen the world through an artistic lens, where boat railings are covered in vermilion paint under cotton candy clouds, would like nothing more than to get validation from the son who's always thought his father was crazy. What if he isn't crazy at all? What if faeries are real? What if pixies did steal his shoes? Sometimes fathers and sons have lenses that will never be focused the same.

Golden Meadows explores the notion of defining reality. Who establishes the rules, and when is it okay to live outside the parameters of normality? It is the third book in the Read Write Ponder series, a collection of short stories constructed to engage readers, writers, and educators. Each novelette-sized book is comprised of a single short story, writing prompts to encourage creative writing, discussion questions for thoughtful analysis of characters and theme, and a letter from the author about her inspiration for the story and the techniques she used to write it.


Reader review: "The blue morpho butterfly had me judging this cover from a mile away. The book is a very short story compatible with any audience. The second half of the book shows that the piece has an educating purpose. It illuminated the symbolism of the story, and it was agreeable and thoughtful. It wasn't juvenile. It reiterated to me some principles of an author's applied subtleties of reoccurring symbolism. Sometimes meaning can flutter away faster than you can capture it. Oh, how time flies."