Serendipity Boxed Set

by Brinda Berry

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If you love romance, mystery, and action, you'll burn the midnight oil reading the first three books in the Serendipity series.

Chasing Luck (a Serendipity novel #1) : Malerie has escaped death twice, but not everyone she loves has been so lucky. Now she must come to terms with her survival, and handsome bodyguard Ace is determined to help her move on...

Tempting Fate (a Serendipity novel #2) : How far would you go to help a stranger? When Collin stops to help a beautiful girl on the run from her past, he finds himself unable to deny his attraction. Veronica's life goes from trailer park to homeless after one fateful night. Do you believe in fate?

Seducing Fortune (a Serendipity novel #3) : Emerson cannot fall for her boss, Dylan. For one, she needs a paycheck. Two, he's a poster boy for misbehaving bachelors. Three, a dark threat from her old life hovers close. Close enough to kill.