Paranormal Passions Collection #1 (Episodes 01 - 03) by Misty Vixen on Booksprout

Paranormal Passions Collection #1 (Episodes 01 - 03)

Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes one through three from Season One of Paranormal Passions...

Jason is a twenty-something man who has just tried to radically alter his life by moving to a completely new city and getting a brand new job. He has aspirations of being a writer and he hopes that this move will spur him into action. The only problem is that his new life looks pretty much like his old one. But there's one primary difference: the girl next door is a sexy, single vampire.

In this collection, Jason and the vampire who lives next door, Hannah, hook up and start enjoying all kinds of sexual exploration together...

Contains a 2,000 word bonus short story: FIRST TIME, in which Hannah learns that Jason has never enjoyed a particular sexual pleasure in his life, and she wants to change that...

General Erotica Erotic Romance Paranormal Romance
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