Paranormal Passions #1: The Girl Next Door Has Fangs by Misty Vixen on Booksprout

Paranormal Passions #1: The Girl Next Door Has Fangs

Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Paranormal Passions...

Jason is a twenty-something man who has just tried to reboot his life. He moved to a new town, found a new job, and lives in a brand new place. He is intent on making himself better, and on kickstarting his writing career. But this new life looks a lot like his old life, except for one thing...

His neighbor. The woman in the next apartment over is a shockingly beautiful redhead who he has become quick friends with. Her name is Hannah and she is a vampire. One quiet night that seems no different than any others, at least at first, Hannah invites Jason over to hang out, and things start to get hot...

General Erotica Short Erotica Paranormal Romance
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