Valkyries: The Complete First Season

by Misty Vixen

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The complete First Season of Valkyries...

This collection is for the die-hard, hardcore fans who have to have it all or the financially prudent newcomers who would rather buy the entire package all at once.

This collection contains episodes one through six from the first season of Valkyries. It also contains three bonus short stories.

BREAKING IT IN, in which, after purchasing their ship, Jared, Saf and Veronica have a smoking hot threesome to break the new ship in. Also available in Collection #1.

LINDSAY & SAF, in which Lindsay talks Saf into having a threesome with her and Jared. Also available in Collection #2.

TIED DOWN, in which Veronica takes Jared to a specialized club and indulges in some rough, strapped-down sex with him. A brand new short available only in this Collection.

Official Description: Veronica and Saf are mercenaries, sisters in arms, best friends in the far future. And they're sick and tired of hiring themselves out to morons who don't know what they're doing. Instead, they want to form their own mercenary team. But it's not going to be easy, they'll need a ship, guns, supplies, and a crew. The first person they meet is Jared, a human technician in his mid-twenties who has a fetish for alien women. Now, he's about to find himself on a ship with several beautiful alien women who want to use him like a sex toy...