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Valkyries #2: The Technician

Misty Vixen

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Episode Two in Season One of Valkyries...

Veronica and Saf have made their way up to a space station in orbit around the planet that their most recent mission went to hell on. After a night of sex and drinking, they find themselves at a little cafe, seriously thinking about starting up their own mercenary group. Then a cute human guy walks in...

His name is Jared. He's a skilled technician with a couple years experience as a mercenary who has been trying out a slower paced life over the past year. But he's tired of civilian life and wants to get back into the game. It seems like fate that the three of them have met. And while Veronica is wondering what kind of business partner he'll make, she also finds herself wondering what he'd be like in bed, and she fully intends to find out...

General Erotica Short Erotica Sci-fi Romance
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