Valkyries #1: Fed Up

by Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Valkyries...

Veronica and Saf are sisters in arms, warrior women, best friends with benefits in the far future.

Veronica is an Amazonian, a genetically engineered warrior woman, created and abandoned by the military. She's seven feet tall, incredibly skilled at combat and, after being cast adrift by her employers, finds herself taking work as a mercenary.

Saf is a kai, an extremely rare kind of alien. Tall, blue-skinned, and the calmer of the pair, she is a woman of many talents.

After a job goes very bad, the pair of them find themselves bar-hopping on a space station and suddenly wonder, after a session of hot, passionate oral sex, why not do it themselves? Why not start their own mercenary team, instead of relying on others for crappy paychecks?