Amazonian's Love: Part Two

by Misty Vixen

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Part Two in the Amazonian's Love Trilogy, set in the Hellcats universe.

Paige the Amazonian mercenary and Ethan the hacker have pulled off their first job together. Paige thought it was going pretty well...until she got drunk, propositioned Ethan and got turned down on moral grounds. In his own words, Ethan was going to sleep with her sober or not at all.

Although she was prepared to simply leave after the embarrassing situation, the next morning she finds Ethan asking to take her to breakfast. After an awkward conversation, he cuts to the meat of the matter: he's perfectly okay with sleeping with her if she's sober and she's absolutely certain about her choice.

And now the two of them, who have been sex-starved for a long time, suddenly find themselves hopping in bed with each other to catch up on all the physical pleasure they'd been missing out on...