Amazonian's Love: Part One

by Misty Vixen

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Part One in the Amazonian's Love Trilogy, set in the Hellcats universe.

Paige is an Amazonian. A seven foot tall warrior women, genetically engineered by the military to be a super soldier. After a falling out with the military, she's operating on her own now as a mercenary. Hired by corporations to steal from other corporations, she's good at breaking and entering. But the jobs are getting tougher, and after one job almost goes wrong, she faces an unfortunate reality: she needs a partner.

Ethan is a twenty year old hacker. He's been at it for half his life now. When a job goes bad, he suddenly finds himself deeply indebted to a corporation that takes their debts seriously. He needs money, fast. So when a mysterious mercenary asks him to partner up, he leaps at the opportunity.

Both of them have been alone for years now. Both of them are remembering what it's like to be around someone else. And both of them are positive that the other can't possibly be interested in them...