Large & Lovely

by Misty Vixen

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This is a stand-alone short set in the Wanderlust universe featuring Morgan, the half-giantess.

Mark thinks that tonight can't possibly get any worse. After a year of putting it off, he's finally facing down his first hunt. As a hunter, like his father and younger brother, he must go into the woods outside of his village, find, kill, and clean an animal. These things, he knows how to do.

It's the finding his way back home part that worries him. He sucks at navigation. And, sure enough, he's lost in the woods, the sun is setting and, even worse, it's going to start raining soon. Then, he stumbles onto someone's property.

There, he meets Morgan, an extremely beautiful woman who lives by herself in the woods...and happens to be nine feet tall. She invites him inside and, with a suggestive look, tells him that it's too dark to head home now, so he might as well spend the night...