Lust & Adventure: The Complete First Season

by Misty Vixen

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The complete First Season of Lust & Adventure...

This collection is for the die-hard, hardcore fans who have to have it all or the financially prudent newcomers who would rather buy the entire package all at once.

This collection contains episodes one through six from the first season of Lust & Adventure. It also contains three bonus short stories.

LAYLA'S FAVOR, in which Layla discovers there's something Alan's never done before that he wants to, and she decides to let him try it on her. Also available in Collection #1.

TWO FOR ONE, in which Alan has a unique threesome with Layla and Rachel, then makes love to Cypress, the leader of the dryad clan. Also available in Collection #2.

DOUBLE THE FUN, in which Alan and Layla encounter a beautiful, redheaded elf friend of Layla's and hop in bed together. A brand new short available only in this Collection.

Official Description: Alan Wilde is a well-trained healer that isn't sure of himself. Living in a small town, performing simple jobs, he thinks he is happy. But he isn't sure, he can't stop thinking about what life as an adventurer might be like. So, in a fit of spontaneity, he puts up a want ad, offering his services. Three beautiful women on an adventure respond to the ad and he quickly learns that they're interested in more than just his magical abilities...