Lust & Adventure Collection #2 (Episodes 04 - 06) by Misty Vixen on Booksprout

Lust & Adventure Collection #2 (Episodes 04 - 06)

Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes four through six from Season One of Lust & Adventure...

Alan Wilde is living the dream. He's on the road with three beautiful women, fighting monsters by day and having hot, filthy sex with the women by night...

In this collection, Rachel the necromancer decides to take Alan for a sexual test drive, the group has a sexual encounter with a clan of sexy dryad women, and Alan has an epic foursome with Layla the cat-woman felis, Rachel, and Morgan the nine-foot half-giantess...

Contains a 2,300 word bonus short: TWO FOR ONE, in which Alan has a unique threesome with Layla and Rachel, then makes love to Cypress, the leader of the dryad clan...

General Erotica General Fantasy Erotic Romance
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