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Lust & Adventure #1: Healer Wanted

Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Lust & Adventure...

Layla is an archer, a felis (cat-person), and in a bit of a bind. Three weeks ago, her best friend Rachel, a necromancer, showed up and begged for her help: she needed to head across the land to many different locations and gather up pieces of a broken artifact. Layla, with her other friend Morgan, an adventuring nine-foot tall half-giantess, agreed to help. But it's been tough and dangerous and, after a particularly close encounter, Layla puts down her foot and demands they hire a healer to help them...

Alan is a small-town mage in his early twenties who isn't one for adventure. Except, maybe, he is. Torn between wanting the safety of his simple life in Westwood and the hidden yearning to learn what life as an adventurer might be like, he finally gives in and posts a want ad: healer for hire. He is surprised when a beautiful felis shows up the same day, offering him a job and, when she follows him back to his bedroom, offering him something more...

General Erotica Short Erotica General Fantasy
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